Islam is Not Only for Muslim

Rp 30.000

Penulis   : Prof. Dr. KH. Ali Mustafa Yaqub, MA.

Penerbit : Maktabah Darus-Sunnah

Tebal      : 160 halaman

Ukuran   : 14×21 cm

Harga     : 30.000

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Sinopsis Buku Islam is Not Only for Muslim

Lately, Islam is accused as terrorism religion. Some tragedies occurred and named terrorism. Is it right that religion teaches the followers to kill others? Moreover, Islam teaches the followers to recognize and honor the followers of any religion.

This book will explain to us how does Islam recognizes and honor the existence of the plurality of religions without recognizing the truth of each teaching religion. Islam also has good teaching about how must the followers making tolerance and goodness to other people’s religious followers.